MAGNOLIA S Honey Oak 100

Inspired by nature and stripped
down to the essentials

Masterfully designed and build solidly to be highly ergonomic while  aintaining a minimalistic approach
the Magnolia S series consists of versatile bath furniture, crafted from waterproof wood with a finish that elevates the aesthetics of any bathroom.

Suspended Base Unit – Single storage space – Two doors 5ΡΜΑ100PH
W. 100 x D. 45 x H. 50
Porcelain top 2cm profile & integrated porcelain washbasin 6BMG9100D
W. 102 x D. 47 x H. 19
Mirror Wall Unit – Single storage space – two doors 5ΚΜΑ100PH
W. 100 x D. 12 x H. 55
CELIA Led light 6FCE00001

*Dimensions are in centimeters.



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